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On August 28th, I initiated a prayer strategy for young adults. It is known as the 5 & 5 Principle. Because there are many applications of the 5 & 5 Principles, let’s call this “The 1825 Prayer Strategy” as we pray for young adults 18-25 years of age. The way this works – pick 5 young adults (18-25) who are believers and pray a hedge of protection around them; that they would remain committed to our Lord Jesus Christ in their walk with Him. Select a passage of Scripture to claim. One such passage would be Psalm 91:9-11

For the other 5, select 5 young adults (18-25) who do not know the Lord and pray for their salvation. Select a passage of Scripture to claim or to use as a truth to remember on their behalf. The passage I have selected is 2 Cor. 4:3-4. These verses teach that people who are lost need to be able to see the light of glorious gospel but at the present time they are spiritually blind. If you are joining us in this 1825 Prayer Strategy, send me a note tom@tomsavage.us. If you would not mind, include the names of 10 the young adults you have selected. I will keep this information confidential and will join you in prayer; as we watch together to see what He will do. Please remain in prayer for these young adults until God releases you from the obligation.

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Tom Savage
Romans 10:17