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Prayerwalking (Week 4: Day 1)

Our Prayerwalk Focus

As we prayerwalk there are simultaneous things happening. That might concern us or cause us confusion. Rather than seeing these as “not this but that” our perspective should be “this and that but this is the priority.” Let me explain. Prayerwalking is primarily …

  • A way of life but sometimes it is an event
  • Before the heavenly community (Heb. 12:1a) and sometimes seen by earthly people
  • Looking to God while seeing what He would have us see in the lives of people
  • Giving ourselves to Him (in praise, thanksgiving, worship, blessing) as we pray for others not really expecting to get anything from them
  • Our service to God first and then to others

According to Psalm 22:3, when we pray, God comes and inhabits that place. He enthrones Himself there. His presence is there in powerful ways. Where we pray (even where He is not wanted and not welcome) somehow through our prayers He comes and takes up residence in that place. Without letting this go to our head but to our heart, we can and should see our prayers as the entry point for His presence. When He comes near, people are affected.

Throughout Today:

  • Pray based on your knowledge of God
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to illumine (even familiar) Scriptures that reveal who He is
  • Continue to pray in light of this new knowledge of Him

As You Go Throughout Your Day

Think of a place or a person where God is not wanted or welcome. This person or place may openly reject God. It may be where ungodly or vile things take place. Go there (physically if possible) and pray to God for that person or that place. See your prayer as God’s fresh entry point in that place or for that person. Pray in the knowledge you have of God. Lift up His glories. Pray the people there would acknowledge Him and give Him worship. Resist the temptation of thinking, “This will never work. They are too far gone.” Ask God to work in their hearts that they might realize His love and open their hearts to Him.”

Evening Reflection:

  • Did God give you any special insight today?
  • Did you learn something about Him that you did not know before today?
  • Praise Him for His abundant goodness.

Praying for you today

Today I am praying for those who have experienced termination. Maybe you were caught up in a downsizing, the company failed and had to close its doors, or you had to endure those dreaded words “your services are no longer needed.” Your situation may be very different. Regardless of your particular situation, many of us know what you are going through.

Because of that, your Christmas may be a little different this year. I am praying God will give you fresh insight and fresh ideas to make this Christmas special. Remember, it is not the amount of presents under the tree but the One who died on a tree (the cross) who makes Christmas what it is.

Once again, remember, I am praying for you. My heart aches for you because I know what you are going through. No one likes to feel rejected and in many cases, that is exactly what this is. Any of us can tend to go bitter. Guard against those feelings. Bear in mind those important words found in Hebrews 12:15. Also, claim the promise of Philippians 4:19. Hang in there, be actively pursuing His next assignment, and see how the Lord will direct. May our Lord bless you today.