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Prayerwalking (Week 4: Day 5)

Ministering In Unwanted Places

Where will you go today or where should you intentionally go today that for all practical purposes it is marked “Do not enter.” I am not suggesting you violate the laws of the land or put yourself in physical danger. I am speaking of our obedience to follow Christ wherever He leads.

Maybe it is a place where Jesus is not wanted. Maybe it is a person (you feel) would not be interested in hearing the gospel. Who has erected that sign? Have they put up that sign? Did the enemy put up that sign? Was that sign erected by your fears of rejection? We may encounter all three of these today. Would you be willing to adopt the last eight words of Luke 9:57 as your commitment for today and/or for life?

Throughout Today:

  • Make the commitment as you begin your day
  • Walk forward with Him
  • Is there any place you have been unwilling to prayerwalk but you knew He wanted you to go there? Prayerfully consider going there today.
  • Ask God to show you people and places spiritually marked “Do Not Enter.” Pray there.

Prayerwalking (Week 3: Day 2)

Have you ever missed God or failed to obey God due to stubbornness, preoccupation, or time constraints? I would have to admit I have. Maybe we all have.

Randy Sprinkle shares a sad story about a lady who was driving to a prayerwalking practicum. She was running late. If anything interrupted her drive to the event, she would be late. As she left her house, she noticed a neighbor a few doors down; working in his front yard. She sensed the need to stop and talk to him. Running late, she did not stop. It wasn’t until the next day she learned that later in the evening of the previous day (a few hours after she was prompted to talk to him) the man took his own life. She was devastated.

God has spoken in many ways; thunder, a still small voice, dreams, and even through a donkey. Two good questions to ask ourselves would be: (1) Am I ready and willing to obey Him at all times? (2) How can I know it is God speaking? It would be good at this time to review a few truths about God.

  1. What is His #1 goal for us as found 2 Pet. 3:9?
  2. How did God speak to people in time past according to Heb. 1:1-2?
  3. How does He speak now?
  4. According to what Jesus said in John 16:7 & 13, what are two other ways He speaks to us?
  5. In Psa. 106:13b, there is a word about something Israel did that we can all relate to. What is that?

We need to maintain fellowship with God in the five ways we have discussed previously to know it is God speaking and not our ideas. What could the woman in the previous account have done that might have produced a different result?

  • She could have rolled down her window and said, “Hello.”
  • She could have asked, “Are you okay?”
  • She could have asked, “Would you mind if I stop by later or tomorrow and talk to you?”

Throughout Today:

  • Seek to listen to the promptings of God as you walk with Him.
  • Tell Him of your willingness and readiness to hear Him.
  • Ask Him to make it clear in your heart so you do not miss Him.
  • If and when you have moments of resistance repent of that as it happens.

Evening Reflection:

  • What did you experience during your prayerwalk today?
  • Did God speak to you / reveal Himself to you in anyway today?
  • How did you respond?




  1. That no one would perish. That everyone would be saved.
  2. Through the prophets.
  3. Through Jesus.
  4. Through His written Word (the truth) and through the Holy Spirit.
  5. They failed to wait for His counsel. They rushed ahead.

Prayerwalking (Week 1: Day 5)

The night before Jesus was crucified, He met with His disciples. He had much to tell them. They had much to learn. What lesson did He teach them in John 15:5? (A lesson about _______.) The vine and the branches word picture teaches several important truths.

  • He is the life-giving source
  • We are to abide in Him
  • He produces fruit
  • We bear fruit
  • Without Him we can do nothing of eternal value
  • Without a dynamic relationship and fellowship with Him we will shrivel like a branch when snipped off and dropped to the ground
    • Without life
    • Without power
  • We cannot be what we were intended to be without Him

This dynamic relationship and daily fellowship is best seen in His call in John 4:18-19. What was that call? As we fulfill this everyday, we are waking with God.

Throughout Today

  • Follow Him
  • Walk with Him
  • Learn from Him
  • Do not resist Him
  • Resist the inner tug to resist

Evening Reflection

  • Did the Lord cause you to notice anything you were trying to do on your own?
  • What did the Holy Spirit reveal to you today?
  • At anytime today did you sense a tug to resist the leadership of the Holy Spirit?
  • Did He point out anything you needed to confess? (see 1 John 1:9)
  • Any other items of uniqueness as you walked with our Lord today?