Prayerwalking (Week 6:Day 4)

The Activity of a Prayerwalker

 As we prepare to conclude our intense focus on prayerwalking (as we continue to prayerwalk), today let’s consider the work or the facets of a prayerwalker. What do you believe they are? Before you look at the items I have listed below, jot down what you think the task includes. After you have your list, compare it to mine. Let me know where I have overlooked an item or items that need to be added to the list and email me.

  • To pray
  • To walk an area or areas
  • To saturate an area with prayer
  • To open doors of closed places by praying
  • To believe God for great things
  • To be personally affected by experiencing God

Throughout Your Day

  • Walk with Him.
  • Discern where He would have you walk.
  • Confess any reluctance to go where He would have you go.
  • Include in your prayer plans for today or the near future – your neighborhood and places near you where people from another nation live.
  • Muse and pray about how to mobilize your church and others to prayerwalk locally, nationally, and internationally.

Evening Reflection

  • How did God lead you today?
  • Did He cause you to see new pockets of lostness?
  • Did you think of any items that needed to be added to my list?