Alzheimer’s a major concern for women

Continuing with more data …

  • Nearly 50% of people who live beyond the age of 85 will suffer from Alzheimers disease.
  • While deaths from stroke, heart attack, and various forms of cancer seem to be declining, deaths from Alzheimer’s disease are increasing. There was a 47% increase in cases of Alzheimer’s between the years 2000 and 2006.
  • What is the greatest health fear amount women today? In most women it is breast cancer. However, women in their 60s and beyond are almost twice as likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease┬áduring the rest of their lives as they are to developing breast cancer.

For these and many other reasons we need to keep praying and seeking the answer from our Lord as to how to reverse these trends. More tomorrow as we look at some good and not so good news from the years 2000 to 2010.