Alzheimer’s Disease in America As We Age

The Alzheimer’s Association reports that approximately 469,000 people had Alzheimer’s in 2014 and the number of new cases of Alzheimer’s disease increases with age. Here is what the reports seem to be telling us:

  • 59,000 new cases in people 65-74
  • 172,000 new cases in people 75-84
  • 238,000 new cases in people over the age of 85

As experts attempt to forecast the probabilities of future new cases of Alzheimer’s in America and breakdown those numbers by age and sex, here is what they say:

People who are 65
9.1% of men will have AD
17.2% of women will have AD 

People who are 75
10.2% of men will have AD
18.5% of women will have AD 

People who are 85
12.1% of men will have AD
20.3% of women will have AD

At first glace, these numbers do not look encouraging. The good news is, many people will not develop the disease. They must be doing something right or several things right. Another item to note, one reason why the percentage numbers are larger for women compared to men is because many women live longer than men.

May these estimates strengthen our resolve to pray for and seek God for wisdom. I urge you maintain a fresh and daily walk with our Lord and seriously consider putting prevention and reversal actions in place, as they are made available to you. Have a great day!