Alzheimer’s Stats State by State 

State 2014 Projected 2025 % change
Mississippi 51,000 65,000 27.5%
Tennessee 110,000 140,000 110%
Indiana 100,000 130,000 30%
Ohio 210,000 250,000 19%
Georgia 130,000 190,000 46.2%
Florida 480,000 720,000 50%
Iowa 62,000 73,000 17.7%
Minnesota 88,000 120,000 36.4%
North Carolina 150,000 210,000 40%
Washington DC 9,200 9,000 -2.2%

Look at the chart and notice how your state compares to other states. Let me know if you would like information on the state in which you live or a state of interest. The chart lists the information for several states telling us …

  • 2014 reported cases of Alzheimer’s,
  • projected numbers for 2025 at the current trend, and
  • the percentage of change between 2014-2025

When we look at the numbers of people developing Alzheimer’s disease, if the numbers reported are accurate, there are some important questions. Why the inconsistencies? Why are some states or areas more or less affected? Is there something going on causing the numbers to be higher or lower in some regions of our country?

So many people have adopted the notion that Alzheimer’s is a natural part of the aging process. Their thought is, “If I get it, that’s too bad. There is really nothing I can do to prevent it.” But if Alzheimer’s and some of the other forms of dementia were a normal part of the aging process, should the percentage of change in the chart above be closer to consistent state-to-state? What is going on? Why is the percentage of change so different? Why are some areas of the country more or less affected. We will talk about that and much more in the forthcoming DADS Project workshops.