DADS Facts and Stats

Beginning Monday, February 9, and continuing for as many days as needed, I will be posting a DADS fact at 2:30. These facts and stats will be related to The DADS Project, which stands for The Dementia and Alzheimer’s Dynamic Saturation Project. This information is gleaned from many quality resources including doctors and professionals I have consulted with and the Alzheimer’s Association.

Why 2:30 in the afternoon?

  • As a reminder that 2/3rds of the people affected by dementia and Alzheimer’s are women. My mother and my mother-in-law had it. Many of you know or know of a person who has dementia in one form or another.
  • In the hope that you might take a couple moments out of your busy schedule each day at 2:30 and pray.
    • Pray for those who are affected by dementia in its many forms.
    • Pray for those who are working around the clock in the search for a cure, a reversal, and a prevention.

Have a great weekend