Three Groups of People Targeted for Alzheimer’s Project

Alzheimer’s Project: Three Target Groups of People

I invite you to participate in The DADS Project; a strategy with three primary goals: Prevention, Reversal, and Cure of Alzheimer’s disease. With this project, I am seeking to reach three specific groups of people.

  1. People with no memory issues

Many people are living well into their 80s and 90s with the number of people reaching 100+ growing every year. The question is: “What will be the condition of the mind in these years?” Do you desire your mind and brain to be alive, bright, and alert for the last 5, 10, 15 years of your life or be in a condition of not knowing your friends and loved ones. The #1 goal of The DADS Project is prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. Even if you have no memory issues now, I encourage you to attend The DADS Project Workshop. Investing in the health of your brain now could pay rich dividends for years to come.

  1. People with some memory issues

Do any situations like these describe you?

  • You forget where you parked your car at the shopping center
  • You forget the name of a friend or familiar person
  • You forget how to complete what use to be a normal task

If these or similar memory issues describe you, you might be headed toward Alzheimer’s disease. The #2 goal of The DADS Project is reversal of the trend toward Alzheimer’s disease. My desire is to help freshen your mind and your brain and reverse what may be a trend for you.

  1. Caregivers of a victim of Alzheimer’s disease

Those who are already physically and mentally handicapped due to Alzheimer’s disease are not candidates for The DADS Projects. However, for those who are caregivers, you would want to know that the #3 goal of The DADS Project is to see a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. There are amazing things being done these days in the work to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. I will share some of this during the workshop. Quite possibly something learned in this workshop will help you help others.

I urge you to participate in a workshop when one is scheduled near you. The time you will invest in this workshop could be one of the most important things you could ever do to care for your mind and your brain. I hope to see you at a workshop soon. Below you will find links to two recordings. Click on the most appropriate one for you to learn more about the dynamics of the workshop.

Scheduled Workshops 

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