We are seeking to offer a ministry established on the foundation of our Lord, His Word, and His principles.  As such, funding is a reality.  Many of you have asked “What can we do to help?” Our initial and continual response is “Prayer.  Pray for us.” 

We would also like to enlist your financial support.  This support will be used for the day-to-day expenses, travel, and the development of resources.  Some of the places where we desire to invest our lives are remote and have a limited ability to provide support.  The resources you provide will ensure that we will never have to say “no” regardless of the size of the church,  ministry, location, or their ability to contribute.

Also, some of the projects we are undertaking, such as book writing and resource tool development, will require an initial outlay of funds.  Your support will ensure we get these resources out as quickly as possible.  For support level options, please click the link below.

Support Level Options