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Prayerwalking (Week 4: Day 4)

Being Ready and Available

As you begin this day, think of what prayerwalking is. We could describe it as talking to God for people. It is our expression of His love He gives to us for other people. It includes seeing where people are and joining them. How could you express His love today?

Turn to Luke 19 and read the first ten verses. What do you see there?

  • Jesus was walking
  • He was passing through a town (Jericho)
  • There was a crowd of people
  • There was one man (Zacchaeus)
    • He was seeking
    • He was needy
    • He was ready
  • Jesus saw him
  • Jesus reached out in love
  • People nearby did not understand
  • His words became a bridge to His heart

Personal application

  • We will be walking today
  • There will be many people
  • There will be someone who is seeking, needy, and ready
  • Walk in touch with our Lord so you can see them as God sees them
  • Reach out in love (Remember: He is the initiator we are the responders)
  • Your words can become the bridge as you speak to them in love

Throughout Today:

  • Consider your present station in life
  • How could God use your present station (job, school, lifestyle) in life as a bridge to others?
  • Jot down a few thoughts
  • Be open to His insights
  • Ask Him to sanctify (make special) your station in life for His glory
  • As you encounter people, feel free to tell them what you are doing – that you are praying for people
  • Ask them if you can pray for them (“Is there any way I could pray for you?”)
  • Some will resist but someone will be ready
  • See their readiness as God’s preparation for that heart and life
  • If they ask why you are doing this, answer appropriately
    • “Because someone prayed for me one day.”
    • “Because God has put a love in my heart for people.”
    • “Because God has put a love in my heart for you.”
  • Be still, be ready, and listen to what they have to say and then, right there, pray for them

Evening Reflection:

  • How did you encounter God today?
  • Did someone else encounter God through you?
  • Praise God for His work today.