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Prayerwalking (Week 2: Day 3)

Three Types of Prayerwalking

Randy Sprinkle says that there are two obvious truths about prayer. One, we are to pray at all times (see 1 Thess. 5:17). Two, we do not pray at all times.

A guiding principle for prayer is found in Col. 4:2. How would you restate that verse in your own words? I have included one idea below.

Read Luke 10:1. What images came to mind as you read those words? How could we/you apply this verse?

We could say there are three types of prayerwalking.

  1. Invitational prayerwalking: Where we organize or are invited to go on an organized prayerwalk at a specific time and a specific place like while on a mission trip or at the beginning of a school year.
  2. Incidental prayerwalking: As you are going about your daily activities and you become aware of the needs of people around you.
  3. Intentional prayerwalking: Where you seek to apply Luke 10:1. What are some ways to intentionally prayerwalk? After you think of a few ways see some ideas below.

Throughout Today

  • Develop a written list of intentional prayerwalking
  • Seek to be an intentional prayerwalker
  • Try an intentional prayerwalking plan by yourself or with a friend

Evening Reflection:

  • Did the Holy Spirit prompt you to intercede for someone during the day?
  • Did you pray then or later or both?
  • Reflect on the nature of the prayer you offered.
  • What fruit of the Spirit were you manifesting at the time of your prayer?
  • Will be letting them know you prayed or will you keep that between yourself and the Lord?

Responses for the items above

A possible way to restate Col 4:2: Keep praying. Make it a priority. Be thankful as you pray.

Possible items for your intentional prayerwalking list:

  • A specific street or streets where you live
  • The mall (especially if you do not plan to shop; going there just to notice the people and pray for them as you walk)
  • A local hospital (even if you have no one to visit; you can walk a few corridors and pray for the people you see and then leave)
  • Schedule a day and a time each week to prayerwalk with a friend with a specific plan. Add creativity to your plan as you continue to do this over the next few weeks or months.