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Prayerwalking (Week 6: Day 2)

Shaking the World by Prayerwalking

How powerful is prayer? In Acts 4, we have a memorable event where the church came together and prayed. In that instance, when they prayed, the building where they were praying shook with such force Dr. Luke was inspired to record the event in the Bible. Read Acts 4 (key verse 31).

I have been in a lot of prayer meetings and some powerful prayer gatherings but I have not had an experience that would be exactly like that. However, where in your community would you like to see our Lord “shake things up” in a powerful way? I am not talking about the building moving or quaking but organizations and people, who are not giving glory to God, shaken to the core of their being? Think of a few as you travel through your day. I’ll list some ideas in Evening Reflection.

Throughout Today

  • Make a list of places and people where God would like to shake things up a bit.
  • Go to one of those places and pray.
  • Come back tonight for some reflections.

Evening Reflection

  • Your church
  • Schools in the area
  • City/Town Council meetings
  • Cell groups where people gather for evil
  • Trouble spots in your neighborhood
  • Offer a prayer booth at the county fair or home show
  • Your ideas? tom@tomsavage.us