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Prayerwalking (Week 3: Day 5)

The Power to Bless

As you travel through life today, pick an area to prayerwalk. A great place to do this would be where you live. Whether you actually walk through your area or drive that area or get out a map and place your hands on that area, pick an area to “prayerwalk” today. As you do so, consider adding this dynamic to your prayer.

  • Pray prayers of blessing over the people in that area; God Blessings like
    • Let there be light
    • Let them see truth
    • Let them be released from bondage
  • See your prayers as saturating the ground upon which they walk with the power of God for Him to reveal truth

If you wonder whether you have the authority to do this and “bless” people, consider this. Now that we are believers and followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, we are also called “priests” unto God; a royal “priesthood.” Did you ever or do you see yourself as a priest? (See Rev 1:6; 1 Pet. 2:5, 9). You do not have to wear a robe or a ceremonial garment to be a priest because you are robed with the righteousness of Christ.

Throughout Today:

  • Prayerwalk your area
  • See if you can think of other blessings to pray over the people in your area
  • Consider this definition of a blessing: Verbal engagement in agreement with God regarding His desires (which should be our desires) for people.

Evening Reflection:

  • Did you have the opportunity to bless someone or several people today?
  • Whom did you bless?
  • Were they with you or did you do this long distance?
  • Was this your first time to actually bless someone in light of the truths we discussed earlier?

If so, write me at tom@tomsavage.us. Thank God for the joy of blessing someone. Reflect on and even journal your experience. Ask Him to continue to give you eyes to see and a sensitive heart to discern people who need to be blessed.