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As You Vote

As you vote today or the next several days, here are a few thoughts. When you vote, you are not just voting for a Person. 

You would be wise to also consider their Perspectives. In other words, what is their worldview? Do they have a biblical worldview, a Christian worldview, a socialist worldview, a communist worldview, or a Robin Hood worldview (robbing from the rich to give to the poor)? What are they saying? What are they communicating about Christianity? What are they saying about religious freedom? From what I am reading and hearing, one particular party sees Christianity as a force in the world that must be defeated. In public, they may talk like and seem to tolerate Christianity, but dig deeper. What you will find is – behind the scenes they would love to see Christianity defeated.

The Socialist worldview has been brought center-stage with the one particular movement. Free education, free this, free that. Just remember, when you give power to the government, you rarely get it back, you rarely like what you get, and you lose freedom every time. If you do not like the atheism and the evolution education that is being taught today, just wait until the government is in absolute control. By the way, whatever it is, it will not be free. We will pay the bill with higher taxes.

Third, what is their Platform? What do they stand for? What do they believe about key issues? What do they believe about moral issues? Do your key issues match their key issues? For instance, if you are pro-life, why would you even consider voting for someone who is for the murder of babies in the womb?

Fourth, consider their Power to affect change. For many reasons, this is one of the most important items on our checklist. Think of it, the power to select Supreme Court Justices, the power to affect culture and the way people think, and the power to continue to alter marriage laws and moral issues. Also consider this: Some people will probably go into the voting booth with this thought, “Well, if I make the wrong choice, we can correct it in four years.” I think that is faulty thinking. We need to go into the voting booth with the idea that this person will most likely be our President for the next eight years. They may not be, but that needs to be our thinking. That is a lot of Power to affect change – especially if it is change from bad to worse.

Fifth, what about the People around them. Consider the People around the candidate of your choice. What kind of people are they? What kind of views do they have? I am not talking about celebrities, professional sports people, and news media types so much as I am talking about the people they will appoint to key positions. These people will most likely be Cabinet members, or Ambassadors, and other significant leaders in their administration. As the old sayings go, “Birds of a feather flock together.” and “You are known by the company your keep.” Who do want in the Oval Office with access to the President; with the opportunity to influence the decisions the President makes?

These are just a few thoughts to consider as you vote. Have a great day!