Parents & Grandparents Must Be Vigilant at All Times: Part 1

Everyday, it seems, a news release is posted stating another child was abducted, or one is declared missing, or a new pedophile is exposed. Parents, grandparents, and all caretakers of children we must be on guard at all times. As Christians, our Lord called us to “love our neighbor” but sadly, we cannot always trust “our neighbor.” Allow me to share a very personal story.

When our son Greg was quite young, we lived in Fort Worth, Texas. In the Target store where we shopped on a regular basis a little boy became “missing” in that store. One minute he was with his mother the next minute he was out of sight.

Frantic, as you can image, the mother notified the manager’s office. She was very wise. The manager had the courage and the wherewithal to “lock down” the store. No one could enter and no one could leave until the little boy was found. They searched everywhere.

When they searched the women’s restroom, there he was. Two women had him. They had already changed his hair color and put a dress on him. They were prepared to walk him out the front door as a little girl never to be seen again. The God-given wisdom of the mother and the courage of that manager resulted in the rescue of that little boy who was taken.

If you can handle it, you need to watch the movie Taken or something in that genre. This is a cruel world in which we live and it is getting more dangerous all the time. Parents, grandparents, and caretakers of children we must be on guard at all times. Remember the truth and the principle found in I Peter 5:8. “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.”

In Part 2, l tell about a family meeting that took place in our home as a result of this potential abduction at the Target store in Fort Worth, Texas.

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