Prayerwalking (Week 1: Day 3)

The questions for today are

  • Will we live the old life we used to live?
  • Will we live the new life we were created to live?
  • Will we live according the ways of the world?
  • Will we live according to the ways of God?
  • Why does this struggle even exist?

As we walk today, we should …

  • Walk as _____ walked. (1 John 2:6)
  • Let the word of Christ _____ __ __ richly. (Col 3:16)
  • Walk by _____ and not by _____. (2 Cor. 5:7)
  • See prayer as spending time with God. (1 Thess.5:17)

Throughout Today

  • Meditate on the truths in the Scriptures above.
  • Thank God for His word.
  • Trust Him for encouragement and strength.
  • Decide to live today trusting God.

Evening Reflection

  • Did you find it hard trusting God today?
  • How did you sense His encouragement today?
  • What made you spiritually happy today?

As an FYI, eight of us prayerwalked an elementary school late this afternoon. It was quite fulfilling and an honor to pray for the children, the teachers, the assistants, the staff, the custodial people, the principal, the bus drivers and the parents. Ninety-nine percent of the people mentioned above did not even know we were there because they had already left for the day but we were blessed to lift them to the Father. Good night!