Prayerwalking (Week 3: Day 1)

Some questions to begin your week:

  • Are you on a mission field?
  • Where is your mission field?
  • How would you describe your mission field?
  • Do you feel like you are alone on your mission field?

Read John 5:17-20 and see Who is always at work before you, around you, and with you. Rather than seeing ourselves as alone on this journey, read 1 Cor. 3:9 for a better way to see ourselves. As we serve on our mission field, how can we discern where the Father is working?

  • We see Him working in the lives of others
  • We sense Him working through us

Throughout Today:

  • Be sensitive to notice where the Father is at work
  • Be sensitive to notice when and where He is working in and through you
  • Pick a definite place or street to prayerwalk today
  • Pray in light of these dynamics and see what He leads you to see and walk forward in His will doing what you sense needs to be done

Evening Reflection:

  • Where did you prayerwalk today?
  • Did you pray for anyone specifically?
  • What else did you experience during your prayerwalk?
  • Did God show Himself in any powerful way today?
  • How did you respond?

Answers from the initial questions this morning:

  • Yes
  • Our mission field is where we are right now
  • Your personal response
  • Your personal response but you are not alone

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