Prayerwalking (Week 6: Day 3)

Prayerwalking and Your City

There is a key to being effective in sharing the gospel with the people in your city. Read what Jesus prayed in John 17:21 to see what that key is. Did you see it?

It is my hope that your church is experiencing oneness. If not, maybe you are the key to moving things in that direction so that, together, you can impact your city. From that position of oneness, where would the Lord have you prayerwalk?

What are some strategies you could implement as a church to affect your city? Think with me and share some ideas. Email me your ideas Here are a few thoughts to help prime your think tank.

  • Have a prayerwalking practicum at your church. Schedule it at a key time in the life of the church. Give it plenty of promotion.
  • Suggest the pastors get together at the location of each church and collectively pray for that church. Continue gathering over the next many weeks and months until all participating churches have been prayed over.
  • Brainstorm with your midweek prayer meeting / Bible Study group or Intercessory Prayer Team for ways to prayerwalk.
  • Figure out how many it would take to encircle your city hall. Seek to one day gather that many people to join hands and pray making a visible presence to those passing by.
  • On a map divide your city into grids and pray over your city section by section until all sections are covered in prayer.
  • Gather at places and/or ministries of care. Pray blessings over the ministry and pray for the people who come there.

Throughout Today

  • Remember, God wants to reach your city for Him. Think of ways He might do that beginning with you. Bear in mind that He might want to use two strategies: A small group of consistent prayerwalkers / intercessors who clearly have a call and passion for this ministry and occasional large group blitzes where people have scheduled a time to meet as a large group.
  • Keep a note pad handy and write ideas as the Holy Spirit gives them to you; ways to reach your city or town through intentional intercessory prayer.
  • As you drive around and “look” at the condition of your city remember to “listen” to the still small voice of God and proceed accordingly.

Evening Reflection

  • How did God speak today?
  • How did you respond?
  • Thank Him for His leadership.


Answer: Oneness; unity; that the believers be one (I believe we can apply that to mean the believers in each church)