The Seven Sayings of Christ on The Cross: During the Night

Throughout the night …

  • Jesus is led to the house of Caiaphas
  • Peter denied the Lord and cock crows
  • Jesus appeared before Pilate and Herod
  • Barabbas was released
  • Jesus was sentenced to die by crucifixion
  • Jesus was beaten and treated more harshly than imaginable
  • Jesus carried His cross to Golgotha

As the hour of crucifixion drew near, there were four groups of people present at His crucifixion:

  1. The calloused soldiers
  2. The cruel thieves
  3. The fickle crowd
  4. The hypocritical religious leaders

It is quite fitting that Jesus would die this way.

  • There was no room for Him in the inn at His birth
  • Herod tried to kill Him after He was born
  • During His ministry several times people tried to kill Him
  • One of the twelve betrayed Him into the hands of the Roman soldiers
  • He was tried in a mock trial and sentenced to die even even though His judge said “I find no fault in Him.”


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