The Value of Your Testimony

Recently, I shared a message from the book of Ecclesiastes. This book in our Old Testament was written as a journal of the things Solomon tried in his search for meaning and purpose in life. After trying all that he tried, his summary word to us would be, “Do not do what I did. Do not try what I tried.”

At the end of the journal (book) he wrote, “Remember now your Creator in the days of your youth, before the difficult days come, and the years draw near when you say, “I have no pleasure in them”: In the context of remembering, I want to ask you a question and issue a challenge.

  • What would you like your family and friends to know or remember about you after you are with the Lord? There may be many things. Record them.
  • I challenge you to write your personal salvation testimony. Write it, rewrite it, refine it, and rewrite it in its final form where it could be read by someone in three minutes or so.
    • Leave a copy with your personal affects
    • Leave a copy at the funeral home where you have made your final arrangements
    • Leave a copy at the church office where you are a member
    • Give a copy to the minister who will do your memorial service

Your personal, handwritten testimony will be a powerful word to those who are too young to know of your spiritual life now (children, grandchildren, etc.) and those who never knew you but will attend your service because they are friends of a family member. Leave a word for those who will come behind you. This could be very powerful.