What Other People are Saying

With The DADS Project, we are attacking Alzheimer’s and memory loss with the Word of God; One verse at a time one day at a time as we tap into the power and sufficiency of the Word of God to attack one of the most dreaded and fastest growing diseases in the 21st century.

You might like to hear what other people have said about the workshop after they attended. Here are just a few of the comments:

  • “We enjoyed the workshop.” Glen & Linda
  • “Thank you for taking your time and knowledge to put this together …” Lynn
  • “I am excited about learning how to improve my health ….” Nelda
  • “Paul and I were blessed to be a part of the DADS Project Workshop. Thank you for the valuable information you gave us.” Ramona
  • “I appreciate you looking at this issue from a biblical perspective. Thanks for the insights you shared from your personal experience.” Joel
  • “I want to learn all I can from this adventure. This is a fantastic project and I appreciate your willingness to take this time and knowledge.” Colene
  • “Thank for the workshop. My husband and I are doing the Bible verses.” June
  • “We enjoyed the workshop very much.” Fran & Morris

On Sunday evening, March 29th I will present The DADS Project Workshop; an endeavor focusing on prevention, reversal, and cure of Alzheimer’s disease. Here are the particulars:

 What:  The DADS Project (a free 75 minute workshop)

Where:  Rejoice Church (7540 Davidson Road; Olive Branch) Located North of Goodman Road; turn north at the Murphy station

When:  March 29, 2015; 5:30 p.m.

This is a one evening event and no child care will be provided. The workshop consists of a memory evaluation and the presentation of a dynamic way to saturate your mind with the Word of God for maximum benefit. Complete the form below to register for this workshop. [vfb id=10]

An optional Q&A time will follow for those wanting to know more about the cure for Alzheimer’s disease and good brain food choices. To read more about Alzheimer’s disease click here where you can also register for a different workshop or request one be presented in your area. At the Olive Branch workshop, an announcement will be made about future Sunday evening Bible study opportunities.