Will Jesus Return to the Earth?

Will Jesus return? Many are beginning to doubt if this will ever actually happen. These are perilous times; danger looms everywhere. The devaluing of life and people killing people is the norm. Will Jesus return? When will Jesus return? When will He return and make all things right? These are all legitimate and important questions. The Christian life is build on the solid foundation of …

  • The Word of God,
  • The Promises of God, and
  • The Plans of God

The Plan of God for our salvation has many components; let’s look at a few.

  1. The Virgin Birth of Christ: Jesus, the second person of the trinity came to earth in the form of a baby. Never before or since has this happened. He is the only begotten Son of God.
  2. The Death of Christ: On the cross Jesus was the perfect sacrifice for our sins. His perfect sacrifice continues to be effectual for us and for all who call upon Him for salvation.
  3. The Resurrection of Christ: His death without His resurrection would provide temporal relief at best. God has put it in the heart of every person to live forever. Through Jesus and His resurrection, He provided the way for that desire to be fulfilled.
  4. The Ascension of Christ: Having finished all He came to do and leaving His marching orders for His disciples, Jesus ascended to the Father with the promise to return.
  5. The Return of Christ: Jesus will return. We may disagree on when and how He will return but He will return. We will document that further over the next few days.

Over the next few days we will document why we can be confident in the return of Christ. All this is in preparation for His glorious return and a verse-by-verse study through The Revelation of Jesus Christ set to begin Sunday night June 7, 2015.