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Prayerwalking (Week 4: Day 3)

Ministry through Prayerwalking

As you head out today, it is unclear at this moment what or whom you might encounter. You may take a usual path / journey or today might be unique. There are people who have needs. Will we see them?

Yesterday, we read in Luke 7:11-17, where Jesus and the disciples were walking. Read those verses again. Jesus and the men encountered a funeral procession. Jesus had compassion on the grieving mother. Today, we would call that empathy: feeling what someone feels.

Throughout Today:

  • Be mindful of hurting people. Some of these people have chosen the lifestyle causing the hurt. Some are being held captive by sin and the enemy.
  • Pray for the people God causes you to see.
  • Be willing to pray for them especially if you do not approve of their lifestyle choice.
  • Be aware of any bondage in your own heart where you need release from bondage.
  • Tell our Lord you are willing to pray anywhere He leads you to pray and then follow His lead.

Evening Reflection:

  • What did God say and do in you today?
  • Did you notice any hurting people?
  • Pray for them again and as you do, give Him thanks and praise for your salvation.
  • Rest in His freedom tonight.