Prayerwalking (Week 4: Day 5)

Ministering In Unwanted Places

Where will you go today or where should you intentionally go today that for all practical purposes it is marked “Do not enter.” I am not suggesting you violate the laws of the land or put yourself in physical danger. I am speaking of our obedience to follow Christ wherever He leads.

Maybe it is a place where Jesus is not wanted. Maybe it is a person (you feel) would not be interested in hearing the gospel. Who has erected that sign? Have they put up that sign? Did the enemy put up that sign? Was that sign erected by your fears of rejection? We may encounter all three of these today. Would you be willing to adopt the last eight words of Luke 9:57 as your commitment for today and/or for life?

Throughout Today:

  • Make the commitment as you begin your day
  • Walk forward with Him
  • Is there any place you have been unwilling to prayerwalk but you knew He wanted you to go there? Prayerfully consider going there today.
  • Ask God to show you people and places spiritually marked “Do Not Enter.” Pray there.