What are the “Foundations?”

A good question is — “What are the foundations in Foundations for Life?”  Click here for a message where I spoke on this topic.

The first and foremost foundation of all is our Lord Jesus Christ.  In 1 Corinthians 3:11 Paul wrote “For no other foundation can anyone lay than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.”  So He is ‘the’ foundation in Foundations for Life. Everything we will seek to do here will be about Him, built on Him, and has a desire to exalt Him.

From that first and foremost truth, we can also say that a foundation in Foundations for Life is His Word.  It is through His Word, the Bible, that we know Him.  There are many opinions, thoughts, ideas, and stories about Jesus.  But the truth about Him is documented in the Bible.  The more we know the Bible, the more we know Him. One of my goals in life is to get you into the Word and the Word into you. The more we do this individually and together, the more we will know Him personally and collectively.  I will seek to accomplish that goal as I teach and preach where He opens doors of opportunity and as I post items here on the Foundations for Life site.

We can also say that a foundation in Foundations for Life is the principles in His Word.  The principles are how we apply the truth about Him found in His Word.  They are how we take the Truth, the Lord Jesus, and the truths, found in His Word, and live them out each and every day; one day at a time.  In current and future posts and pages I will present these principles we can and should live by.