What People Are Saying About “The Future of America”

Today and for the next several days, I will be posting some of the comments people have shared as a part of the current survey concerning the future of America. For those who have not taken the survey, it can be found below. Here is our first quote:

     “Many things are changing in America and unfortunately it appears to not be for the better. The majority of believers, in my opinion have remained distracted by the world and remained silent or taken an approach of hate toward the sinners, and not the sin. I do not believe America can continue on as a great nation while shaking her fist at a Holy God. God did not give up on Israel but did allow her/His people to suffer until they cried out to Him and turned. Most believers cry out to Him until things get a bit better, i.e. 9-11. We saw people returning to His house. We saw our leaders praying. What did we as a church do? We failed to disciple those that were returning. However, I still cling to the hope and promise of His patience and long-suffering. Vicky